So, here you are, not quite sure about things.

Maybe ....

Maybe you have questions about life, maybe you're searching for---something, maybe you're going through a tough

time and need answers, maybe you're just curious as to what we're all about.....

You have options to-

1) visit our pages; contact us, right here!!

2) check us on Facebook or Twitter

3) stop into our live location in downtown Willoughby (4091 Erie St.)

4) call us at 440-227-2910 (leave a message and we will call you back)

5) leave us an email at

Here's a little about our live location in downtown Willoughby.....

We'd love to talk/pray with you!

The moment you step in, we hope you will feel welcomed.

There are two areas; a front and a back.

The front is devoted for prayer at our 6 prayer boards that are white marker boards 8' high by 4' wide.

They hang on either side of the walls. There are chairs in front of each board for comfort.

You may need prayer yourself. We can help!

We can pray with you, or you can place your need on one of the board. The need stays there for 4 weeks.

There is also a little gift area in this section.

The back area is devoted for more private prayer, talking, reflection.

During the week, when not used for private prayer,  this area is dedicated for studies to learn about prayer and Jesus.

Please know--We are not a 'church.' We are a place where you can pray, or give us your requests so

we can take them to God through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Intercessor.We are open 5 days a week,

6 hours each time. Our goal is to pray!!!

So, we extend this invitation to come visit us!!!

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  Willoughby Area House of Prayer/THE WELL
4091 Erie St., Willoughby, OH 44094